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Martial Arts Builds Character in Kids

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Learning - Focus

In martial arts, we have kids do one technique at a time. For younger kids, and kids with focus problems, they may only do one COMPONENT of a technique, and they may only do it for 30 seconds – but for that 30 seconds that's all they focus on. Then, the better and better they get at focusing, the longer we have them focus for. Eventually, kids might focus the entire session on just one exercise or activity. Before you know it, they focus on their homework… on their chores… on conversations with you… and anything else they put their mind to.

Learning - Confidence

We want our kids to look people in the eye when they are being spoken to - this is how show people you are listening and paying attention. After just a few short weeks, kids naturally begin doing this in class. And at home. And in school. Parents of children with confidence problems are thrilled to see a difference after just a very short period.

Learning - Exercise

It's easy these days for kids to not exercise - video games, TV, etc. As a result, many children experience weight problems at a young age. Martial Arts is an great form of exercise – Your child will be active the entire time. Strength, balance, and flexibility are all needed to perform techniques. But they go at their own pace – there is no pressure on them to do anything they can't.!

Learning - Respect

We all want our kids to be respectful of others; from parents, to strangers, to pets. Traditional Martial Arts incorporates repect and courtesy as part of their training. Your child will learn to say "please", and "thank you", and they will learn to be grateful to those people that help them in life.

Here Is What Our Parents Are Saying!

"My 13 year old daughter absolutely loves training with Sensei Roberts and his support staff. She is developing self-respect and respect for others as well as benefitting from the physical aspects of learning Aikido. I am pleased with the emphasis that Sensei places on "doing your best" and "helping others to do their best."

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