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Personal Safety Workshops & Seminars

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Want a basic foundation for safe encounters?

Great! Aikido of Nebraska wants to help. Learning some basic awareness, strategies, and techniques for aggressive or dangerous encounters can, literally, make the difference.

- Have the awareness to identify potential assailants long before they get close to you.

- Have the confidence and self-esteem to protect yourself and your loved ones.

All You Need is a Group. Any Group

Aikido of Nebraska for provides a variety of personal safety workshops for any group of 10 or more! - groups, churches, corporations, athletic teams, organization, clubs, or schools. Workshops are 1 hour in length, and are FREE of charge when performed at the school.

Workshop Options

Workshops can be specifically tailored to your needs such as:

Self Defense for Women


Campus Safety

Workplace Safety

Child Safety

Character Talks for Kids

Want something more in-depth?

Off-site and multi-session seminars can be arranged by appointment. Session can range from 1-8 sessions depending on the needs of the organization.

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